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Oak Glazing

Forest Oak can provide its customers, whether trade or end user, with a comprehensive timber frame glazing service. Depending on the design of the frame, our specialist team can install fixed glazing units. They are also capable of fitting into rebates or use a technique called ‘direct glazing’ – particularly suited to green oak frames.

We supply a wide range of glass, including single glazed, double glazed toughened units and the popular ‘eco’ glass. This Eco-glass traps heat in cold weather and likewise reflects heat in hot weather. Forest Oak also manufactures by hand a range of internal and external doors, bi-folding doors, garage doors, and air dried oak roof lanterns. These will need custom glazing.
The type of glazing in your oak frame (if it has any) will be an influencing factor on the cost of your frame. It is important that you choose the right glass to suit your budget and the style of your frame. We, at Forest Oak, are happy to do this and if you let us know your budget we can advise you accordingly.
For more information on our glazing services and door range, please contact the team on 01939 238007.