Oak Frame Design & Build Process

Our design and build process is designed to provide the best and most complete service possible. Once we have received a customer’s drawings (these can be rough sketches or finished architectural plans), we work with our specialist designers to create a finished working drawing. If you are stuck for a design, with only an idea in mind, we will work with one of our carefully selected oak frame architects and help realise your vision.

Once the design is just right, we will then forward the drawings to our structural engineer. Dimensions will then need to be finally checked and all drawings signed off – the frame will then go into production. If you need someone from Forest Oak to help you through this process, ensuring that your frame is measured up correctly, just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Oak frames are constructed off-site and delivered ready to be erected, either by our customer or by our experienced team, often in under a week depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

The method of glazing is very specific to an oak frame. Our team of installers mostly use a method called ‘direct glazing’ when opening windows are not required. This allows you to directly glaze onto a green oak frame by creating a rebate with a softwood packer on the face of each post that the glass can sit against. In front of the rebate and the glass, we add an air-dried oak cover board the same width as the post behind it, therefore giving the glass space to sit comfortably against the frame as it locks and tightens.

We recommend that all oak frames should be cleaned once erected. There may be marks from the building process or watermarks if the weather has not been particularly kind, along with ‘blue-ing’ – a natural effect from the tannin in the oak coming into contact with steel.

Future oiling of a frame is down to the customer, but part of the natural charm of oak is the lovely grey tone it takes on if left ‘silver’ naturally. It is, however, advisable to give a new frame an initial coating of oil – we stock the Osmo range – but if you choose to keep it up and retain the newly finished frame colour, you will have a quality oak frame for life.

Our turn around for a finished oak frame is usually 6 weeks – from design to delivery.