Oak Pergolas

An oak pergola is the perfect addition to any garden and can be a beautiful focal point to celebrate your outdoor space. Your garden is your escape from the world, so treat yourself!

A pergola adds shape and height to an area, creating a natural-looking form into which planting can naturally flourish. Many of our customers site their pergolas close to a bbq area, creating a shaded dining spot for those long summer days.

Size-wise, we have manufactured and constructed them all! Most of our pergolas are single-bay pergolas for a small town garden or a pub garden. However, we also provide a 30m long rose-covered walkway for a sprawling country house.

Pergolas do not have to take the form of only a straight line. With the traditional jointing technique we use, we are able to manufacture and construct connected pergolas. This creates interesting sequences and connected structures to your space.

Our pergolas are constructed using green oak frames – this can be planed all round or rough sawn. This will depend on whether you are after a finished look or a more rustic look.

We can obviously work to your specific design, but Forest Oak can offer its customers a large range of pre-designed or off-the-peg designs. Whatever size space you have we can help you create something beautiful. Everyone needs some space to escape from everyday life.

Our off-the-peg designs are called the Milford and Prescott ranges. If you are interested please contact us on 01939 238007 to discuss your requirements.

Saddle Stones

As well as the pergolas themselves, Forest Oak can supply handmade staddle stones for the oak posts to sit on. This is important to keep the timber off the ground. Whilst we can source staddle stones out of any material, we keep a stock of beautiful local Shropshire sandstone blocks at various sizes.